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I'd like to fuck your slutty mouth and get friend to fuck your pussy and all three of us cum all over you and post the video here and make your hubby watch his slut wife getting really fucked up
i'd like to fuck your slutty mouth and get friend to fuck your pussy and ...
I wouldn't be ;) Id grab your lovely breasts as I thrusted deep inside you truly making me explode in spurts of hot cum, while grabbing your hips/ass and pushing you that much deeper. When I was done I would pull on your tits bringing you down to me as we kissed and I continued to try to thrust my quickly softening cock back inside you keeping me in a weird not very big but still hard enough to ride erection as we kissed passionately while I told you my loving appreciation before dominanting you and directing you to slide off and begin sucking my cock while pleasing yourself to stay aroused, which would erotically step us up a level on trust, understanding, so many things really. It would be long and I would be begging to get you at my side so I could rub your clit and randomly probe your pussy with my large manly fingers while holding your hair and deep throating you with my free hand. I would then once I felt we got everything we could out of that moment/position id kneel with you on the bed and kiss/hug/touch before laying you down and kissing/licking my way down to your clit hungrily taking you almost to orgasm then quickly moving into missionary and stuffing it in and pound us to another cream pie but this time a VERY intense orgasm for you, so much so I could feel your cervix opening and throbing while you grabbed my legs/ass holding me in deep just incase I didn't want to ;)...How does that sound? Then hubby can cum as quick and as much as he wants before we jump in the shower for some true 1on1 time before I bring you out in a new outfit, What would be your next fantasy/role to play and dress up? Dom&Sub? Pet&Master? Slut&Sir? Sub & Mistress? Naughty Nurse? etc....
i wouldn't be ;) id grab your lovely breasts as i thrusted deep inside you ...
Just because you like giving and receiving pleasure does not make you a slut but a talented girl, never put yourself down for liking sex, even if it is with multiple partners.
just because you like giving and receiving pleasure does not make you a ...
I'd love to chat with you, we have so much in common. I think our attitudes about sex, and men are a perfect match.  I see myself in that exact same position so often, and I love being there. With a big, throbbing dick, buried to his balls in my cunt, and a nice juicy one in my mouth, and of late I find I also like a big one in my ass.  I spent 3 hours with 3 guys, last night after a bar encounter.  We had several drinks, we danced, and then they took me back to their room, and fucked me until about 3 A.M.  I was walking rather funny for a while, and my nipples were quite tender this morning, but I felt like a slut queen.
i'd love to chat with you, we have so much in common. i think our ...
I wish I could get Lucy to do this. do you spit or swallow the stranger cum? facial seems best to me. but I am not the the slut with a mouthfull of cum trying to decide what to do. very hot woman by the way plus love the danger aspect too
i wish i could get lucy to do this. do you spit or swallow the stranger ...
I've got a better idea. Why don't I slowly rub my cock across your lips, teasing you until you admit that you are a cheap, cock loving slut and you pay me two dollars to suck my cock.
i've got a better idea. why don't i slowly rub my cock across your lips, ...
You are one hot little slut! what a lucky guy your boyfriend is! I would give my left nut to be able to drop a big load down your throat and one in your ass! you got a hot sexy body and I want it in my mouth!
you are one hot little slut! what a lucky guy your boyfriend is! i would ...
It depends on if you want to be used and covered like a dirty slut or not ;) if you want i could add to your face or lay you back and fuck you until i had to pull out and carefully oozed my cum directly on your pussy. But if it were up to me and we were good friends (disease free) i would try to please you as i think a good lil naughty wifey like yourself would want. I would feed you hubbys cum on from my cock ;) starting first at your lips you sit patiently at the ready like a good sub. i would slowly fuck your lips with the head of my cock pushing the cum in, then wipe under your nose letting you get a good pull or two sucking my cock before wiping up your chin then taking you by your hair but letting you do it as you wanted until your whole face was wiped clean then i would start really feeding you the cock mixing it up with some deep throating and domination. You would be ever so hungry and eager to be fed what was on your neck and chest by the time i was ready to move on ;). Now i could just shoot my load in your mouth and be done, but you want more then that don't you? I personally think that fucking you bareback to a cream pie then pulling out and feeding you the cock to clean then back in your juicy pussy until you were cleaned out..
it depends on if you want to be used and covered like a dirty slut or not ...
That's Hot! You are great fun, sexy, and the perfect party cum slut! I would love to share some nice cum fuck fest fun with you and friends!
that's hot! you are great fun, sexy, and the perfect party cum slut! i ...
Yes. Seeing her being fucked like a hot slut on bed with white sheets is a must. Hearing her moaning and gasping for air as she loves every second when her pussy gets into fucking and breeding mode should be priceless.
yes. seeing her being fucked like a hot slut on bed with white sheets is a ...
I would love to give her a lift or change a tire ;) all it would take is pulling up her skirt and top and dropping to her knees, she would only suck a few good deep strokes before i bent her over, worked it in slow and deep then fucked her brains out like a dirty slut...
i would love to give her a lift or change a tire ;) all it would take is ...
i wanna post lots of pics of my cum on you and leaking from your well fucked holes slut to show everyone here whos slut you are and who you belong too
i wanna post lots of pics of my cum on you and leaking from your well ...
damm I could sure go for threesome with my latina slut rigt now.
damm i could sure go for threesome with my latina slut rigt now.
MMM good girl ;) im gonna reach a hot orgasm thinking about adding to his cum =). You keep it up making him wait and if you don't turn him into a cuck i would be surprised. I wonder how you two would feel about a zoig cuck gang bang for you ;) maybe start with each guy exploring you with hubby 1 at a time while you and hubby enjoy each other until each guy got a chance to enjoy you to orgasm in a hot and steamy MFM separately before entering the naughty phase as we all rush in, tie hubby to the chair and your hands as we proceed to each enjoy a amazing blow job and cream pie finale as a hot thick slut sucks hubby to exploding orgasm.
mmm good girl ;) im gonna reach a hot orgasm thinking about adding to his ...
Very nice slut you have..Would love to rent her for a weekend..
very nice slut you have..would love to rent her for a weekend..
Nothing hotter than a slut working hard to get all the cock in her mouth she possibly can! Good girl, very good girl!
nothing hotter than a slut working hard to get all the cock in her mouth ...
I wanna shove my hard dick deep in your ass and fuck you while I pull your hair with one hand and smack that ass with the other hand. “Come on you fucking slut take all that cock up your fuck hole, tell me “You want it all” Tell me " slut4u is JMHX's personal fuck puppet and she wants to be fucked like rag doll" Then I'll pull my cock out of your butthole and shove it down your throat and make you gag on it.
i wanna shove my hard dick deep in your ass and fuck you while i pull your ...
such a cutey! love the tramp stamp and innocent socks! i just want to pound you like a dirty slut...would really love to bend you over and stuff it in ur ass and see what faces you would make ;)
such a cutey! love the tramp stamp and innocent socks! i just want to ...
YUMMM! love hot this SLUT plays!!  more cock in her hand the happier she is.. CUM grab mine!! it has a load ready for you!!!!!
yummm! love hot this slut plays!! more cock in her hand the happier she ...
Oooo, my sweet dirty little slut...we have several rewards for you.  You naughty girl.  Mmmmm, should I put you over my knee and spank your hot gorgeous ass?  No K will spank you while your mouth is full of cock.  K and G
oooo, my sweet dirty little slut...we have several rewards for you. you ...
Mmmmm. thats a good little slut.  Can I have a turn now, we can just keep drenching her until she is completely covered.
mmmmm. thats a good little slut. can i have a turn now, we can just keep ...
Such a submissive slut. I'd live the opportunity to be next while you do my wife, side by side. Hope she loves to have her pussy eaten a lot.
such a submissive slut. i'd live the opportunity to be next while you do ...
i so need you here to fuck and cum all voer your face and big fucking tits you hot slut
i so need you here to fuck and cum all voer your face and big fucking tits ...
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you are one hot cumslut. love eat & fuck all your holes & make you ...
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